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Every one has a story...

I grew up in a large family, excelled in school and started in the corporate world in my early twenties.

In my mid twenties, I became a single mom to two amazing daughters. Being responsible for two children meant that I had to do double duty... I spent over two decades with all of my energy focused on work and running a house. That caught up to me. A series of traumatic events created more stress than I was able to process and anxiety finally got the better of me.

I searched relentlessly for answers trying to feel better, but the only answers that I kept getting were that I would be on medication for the rest of my life and the medication made me feel numb. It's really hard to focus and be at the top of your game when the only thing you really care about is sleeping.... but that the trade off I was willing to take to escape my panic and anxiety attacks in the short term.

At 36, my life looked REALLY bleak with little hope. 

I was working for a company being forced into receivership. Family members were being diagnosed or dying from cancer. Others were suffering from major health issues. I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and having panic insides felt like they were going to explode and my digestive system was shutting down. Funerals were the new family gathering... and I finally collapsed at the end of April 2009 after losing an uncle to lung cancer after a short four month battle.

Regardless what specialist or doctor I saw...the answer was the same. The only fix was going to be medication. There wasn't a cure, just a method to cope. That wasn't good enough... so I started searching else where for answers.

The first step was understanding how the body actually worked so I could figure out what I needed to do to balance it..

or at the very least... find an expert that would know how. I had been getting reflexology. There were fascinating charts that showed how the body was interconnected with the hands and feet hanging in the treatment room. I was intrigued and signed up for the course. 

Things started to make sense and I started implementing lifestyle changes and exploring self-care methods. One thing lead me to the next. Eventually, I beat anxiety disorder naturally and have not had a panic attack since 2012. Today, I am healthy and happy... living a life of my dreams (only better than I could have ever imagined).

I continued learning different reflexology modalities and eventually became a teacher in 2014, being awarded the Reflexology Association of Canada Outstanding Teacher of the Year in 2016 and 2017.

I have had the honour of teaching 97 students in three years! Each and every one of them have been a blessing with a heart to serve others. I'm grateful for every moment of pain I have experienced because it led me to such amazing people, forced me to learn things that I would never of willingly chose to learn otherwise and put me on a journey that changed my life (and the lives of so many others) for the better.

More importantly, it taught me than when someone says something is impossible, to keep searching until it becomes.... I'm possible.

If someone would have told me what my life would look like now when I was stuck in bed in 2009, not being able to move... I would have looked at them like they had 7 heads.... that's the truth. 

My journey didn't stop with reflexology... 

I came to realize that grief can cause physical pain and there is a process involved with getting though it. It took me almost two years, wondering most days if I would actually make it to the next day, with countless appointments costing me over $70,000 just to figure out a way to restore my health and live in the moment. Some people spend that much money on an education; I spent that much money getting my “PhD in Survival”. Settling for surviving wasn’t an option, I wanted to thrive.

That became evident in 2011 when a friend gave me a book that changed my life. The book was “The Noticer” by Andy Andrews. I didn’t want to read it. I thought I was too busy.

That night I couldn’t sleep, knowing I had nothing to lose, I picked it up and started reading it. The book only took me 3 hours to finish and reduced my anxiety by 80%.

I discovered powerful perspective in those pages that I cherish! I have recommended that book to many and wanted to meet the man that helped me so much… being a bestselling author, motivational speaker, coach, and living in a completely different country... I knew the odds were not in my favour.

I became certified in 14 modalities and have since created two of my own that are focused on relieving emotional trauma. I’ve lived over 5 years without a panic attack! With that knowledge, I have come to believe that there are only three causes for any illness… stress, stress or stress. I focus on what works and let go of the things that didn’t work for me. Now, I continue to learn and love it, but my focus is using all the knowledge I have acquired and using it to help others.

Things were finally looking up … then my Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer in September 2014. We knew what was coming. His journey with cancer lasted for 8 months. As a family, we spent as many moments as we could by his side. Eight days prior to his passing, the family stayed at the hospital with him full-time (day and night). He didn’t want to die alone and we were prepared to do whatever it took to make sure he got his wish. The only problem was, my oldest daughter was graduating – valedictorian, with five university credits and ten scholarships. We didn’t want to leave him (just in case), but we didn’t want to make her go to grad by herself, knowing that her grandpa could pass away at any moment, and not have any family there to support her. The decision would have been impossible to make, but we didn’t have to choose. We had all told him that we were ready to let him go, but he needed to let go too. He took his final breath at 11:11 am on May 30th, his father’s birthday and the day of his oldest granddaughter’s prom and we attended prom together as a family that same night. Although his death brought a feeling of relief, I was overwhelmed and exhausted.

On a flight coming home from Edmonton a few days before Dad’s funeral, I just wanted to know he was okay. About 30 seconds later, I looked out the airplane window saw a heart shaped rainbow beyond the wing of the plane over the clouds. It ended up turning into a circle rainbow and is now the cover of my first book. Those journeys taught me a powerful lesson… never give up! The moment I chose to invest in myself and live life as the best version of me… this is what happened:

I wrote my first book, “Journals of a Loved One” and had it published in October 2016. Click here for the preview of the book:

Journals of a Loved One Preview

Remember when I said that I thought that 

meeting Andy Andrews wouldn’t be possible? In 2016, I received an emaifrom his team inviting me to his business coaching group… WHAT!

I didn’t even need to think about it … I joined immediately. What an honour it is to be able to get inspiration from my mentor!

SIGN ME UP!!! (No thinking required). 

I later had the opportunity to meet him, his team and other members from the group in Nashville in March 2017... 

Even better…. I was invited to a semi-private dinner with Andy Andrews, his team, Jimmy Yeary and three other members of the business group. 


I've had the opportunity to learn from Jack Canfield (Co-founder of Chicken Soup For The Soul). He even sent a shout out to on twitter to his 539,000 followers about my book on March 16th!

In 2017, I expanded my practice and became the international Heartmending Mentor, now host my own talk show and will soon publish my second book, Heartmending Ignited, Turning Pain into Passion.

Click Here To Listen LIVE or Get Access Recorded Episodes

With all of these amazing opportunities, I did take the time to reflect on my previous struggles... and can't help but think what would have happened if I had given up… and if I could, which struggle would have I avoided if I could turn back time. I came to the realization that I wouldn’t have traded anything I went through. Every experience taught me a powerful lesson that I value today! Through it all, the highs and the lows, I remembered a promise that I made to my uncle before he died. I promised him I would help people (his old phone number is now my work number). I've managed to carry myself through my own emotional and physical traumas… finding my power which lead to peace. I continued to heal, grow, practice and started teaching others how they can do the same.

When I watch other people’s emotional loads lighten before my eyes, I understand that my pain had a purpose. For that reason alone, my struggle was worth it. Those lessons were worth fighting for! My path forced me to overcome challenges and introduced me to people that I wouldn’t have ever dreamed of meeting in a million years. More importantly, that painful and terribly messy adventure made me who I am. It led me to my purpose and passion… it doesn’t get better than that!

My problem was after figuring out everything, I had struggled for years trying to explain what I do. That single challenge kept me quiet and in hiding for years, but eventually remembering my promise to my uncle forced me to get out of my own road. If you are reading this, I’m telling you that your life is amazing…. just get out of your own road!

I made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping others overcome their emotional challenges so they can find their love, joy, peace and confidence!

Getting out of my own road has been the best decision I have ever made. I’ve had the opportunity to work with many private clients, spoken in front of countless groups; I live my dream of writing and helping others while making time to watch the sunrise and sunset each day (when I’m not speaking or teaching of course) … and be truly grateful for the moments in between.

Working with motivated and driven people that know they have a life purpose, but are just weighed down by responsibilities, limiting beliefs, and feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, depression, shame, terror, unworthiness among other negative emotions and limited belief systems… that’s the reason I wake up in the morning. There is nothing better than watching all of that drift away. Supporting people while they do what they never thought was possible… it never gets old.  

Who are your clients?


Reflexology - In person (Regina only)

These sessions are designed for people that are facing physical stress challenges. Reflexology focuses on increasing circulation to help the body help itself restore balance.

Acute conditions - appointments are scheduled every 48 hours for the first 3 sessions and then every week until symptoms subside.

Chronic conditions - appointments are recommended every week until symptoms subside, then every two weeks.

Preventative or maintenance - once per month

Please note: if improvements are not noticed within the first six sessions, another recommendation will be made. I am focused on getting you RESULTS!


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