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Our amazing clients and eager students allow us to achieve our vision of personalized holistic treatments providing pain relief and lasting results & high-quality training and instruction in the growing field of reflexology.  Thank you!


"Amazed With The Results" - Brenda K.  

I've had one appointment for ear reflexology and was very impressed and amazed with the results. I have chronic lower back pain and with one appointment, Calynda was able to fix me up. After my treatment, I shopped at three stores and pushed a shopping cart and was still able to walk at the end of the day. Typically, I would have been disabled and not left the couch all evening. I'm know I am not fully fixed yet, but feel I am certainly on a right path to recovery of my lower back pain.

"Very Supportive Reflexology Instructor" - Allisha G.

I took the most recent foot reflexology class with Calynda.  I was very nervous about taking this class.  She was very understanding and nurturing.  The course itself was very well put together, chapter review tests helped me a lot as well as all the visual information including videos and pictures.  I really enjoyed the hands on part of the class and all the tips and extra information that was provided.  Calynda was there to answer any and all questions anytime even outside of class time and she also made an effort to get to know all of us.  It really helped feeling like someone was behind me 110%.  I can't wait to do the hand and ear courses.


"Passionate and Encouraging Teacher" - Dana S.

I really enjoyed the course.  There was a lot to cover, but the material was organized in a good manner so it was easy to follow.  Chapters were in good order so transition from one chapter to chapter was easy.  I liked that each chapter was followed by a test review as it kept me on track.  Being a visual learner, I found the videos very helpful.  I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to get to get to know us so you can adapt your teaching style in the way that benefited us as students.  I found that approach to teaching us was very supportive and encouraging.  Your passion and knowledge about the topic was contagious.  I am glad that I took the course.  I would do it all over again.


"Very Grateful" - Meghan C.

I had injured my foot and Calynda suggested I get a treatment. I had facial and foot reflexology and she also performed a bit of emotion code release. I was relaxed, way more balanced and grounded. Thank you again Calynda!


"First Ever Reflexology Treatment" - Arlene S.

I had my first treatment yesterday. I have had a bad hip for some time and unable to sleep on right side. I was able to do so last night. I will definetly be going for more treatments


"Noticeable Difference" - Debby H.

I had my first appointment with Calynda. I have on going problems with my ears and sinus. I was very comfortable with Calynda and felt better after my treatment. I had a really good night sleep and while my ears are still bugging me they do feel much better. I will definitely return for more treatments. Thanks for your help.


"Amazing" - Bonnie S

Calynda is very professional I had my first treatment and felt amazing when I was done,You can feel the POSITIVE energy right from your first meeting with Calynda I feel Calinda could help anyone with whatever health issues you may be having for a feeling GREAT experience I highly recommend a session with her,the beading is also very amazing!

"What a difference" - Jackie N.

I have had a few appointments now. Calynda gave me some great advice before my first appointment to prepare for my treatment. I suffer from bones spurs in both feet that are quite painful. She came out to my house which made it easier for me. After she worked on my feet she put seeds in my ears to help with the pain in my feet as an ongoing treatment between appointments. ( I know that sounds strange but it really works). By rubbing the seeds that were placed in a specific area it helped to relieve the pain. Also between appointments I messaged my feet as well. After a few treatments I was going on holidays for 2 weeks. While on holidays I would be doing a lot of walking, which isn't an easy task with the bone spurs. Calynda gave me some great advice on how to make the day of walking much easier on me. I found Calynda very knowledgeable with great ideas that helped me really enjoy my holiday. I thank you Calynda for helping me. You are very good at what you do. And I will continue to refer you to others. Thank you again. Jackie