Calynda Triffo

Reflexology Association of Canada

Therapeutic Ear Reflexology Session

What Happens in a Session?

With the client relaxing in a comfortable position, the reflexology therapist will work on the ears. Sessions usually last from 20 – 30 minutes.  Beginning with the right side, all reflex points on both sides are stimulated as the body is considered to be a whole unit.  

If there is a body imbalance, the reflexology therapist may apply ear seeds on specific reflexes to continually apply pressure on the reflexes that are affected. The ear seeds are on surgical tape and can stay on the ear for up to one week. In the event that tenderness is experienced to the point that it is interfering with sleep, the ear seeds can be removed at anytime.

Reflexology is safe for everyone, although pressure and length of session may vary for babies, the aged or extremely ill.


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