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How does reflexology work?

The body needs to be stimulated to remain flexible and keep the blood flowing. When still for too long, it's understood that parts can become stiff.  That also happens to the body reflexes when they are not stimulated. A reflexology therapist has been trained to know what reflexes to correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body. By applying pressure to specific areas, it helps to improve circulation and encourages the body to restore it's normal function.


Which session is for you?

Most people belief that if you have pain in the foot, then have foot reflexology; however, reflexology sessions are unique because a session works on the entire body, not just the area being worked on. 

Eg. There is a map of the whole body for the hand, feet, ear and face. 

Reflexology - In person (Regina only)

These sessions are designed for people that are facing physical stress challenges. Reflexology focuses on increasing circulation to help the body help itself restore balance.


How often?

Acute conditions - appointments are scheduled every 48 hours for the first 3 sessions and then every week until symptoms subside.

Chronic conditions - appointments are recommended every week until symptoms subside, then every two weeks.

Preventative or maintenance - once per month

Please note: if improvements are not noticed within the first six sessions, another recommendation will be made. I am focused on getting you RESULTS!




In today's world, stress is a real challenge for many. It's more the norm than the exception for most. Worry can show up for what seems like no reason. When you are waking up tense, spending the day tense and going to bed tense... the body is not finding any time to relax. That is a problem. The body needs to be in parasympathetic "rest & repair" to heal itself naturally.

Emotional Detox Reflexology 

Appointment time: 60 minutes

To find the cure, you must find the cause. That’s easier said than done when you can’t figure out what the cause is. The human body has a way of remembering what the mind quickly forgets. These sessions have been designed to detect the emotion that the body is holding on to, help release it without having to dig for the story and giving you the opportunity to RELAX when it seems like mission impossible.

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Foot reflexology 

Appointment time: 45 minutes 

Description: The reflexes in the bottom of the feet are protected. When stimulated, they can be tender, and it is a larger surface than the hands or ears. For that reason, it is a great session for relaxation and for understanding the bodies imbalances.

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Hand reflexology 

Appointment time: 45 minutes 

Description: When you close your fist, it is in the same shape as the human heart. These sessions are relaxing, and most clients find that physical and emotional stress melt away during these treatments.

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Ear reflexology 

Appointment time: 20 minutes 

Description: With reflexes close to the surface of the skin and brain, stimulation of specific areas on the ear is intended to get your body to “listen” quickly. 
Ear seeds may be applied to reflexes to stimulate an imbalanced area for up to a week. These sessions are perfect for self-care in a busy lifestyle.

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Everyone has a story… Calynda Triffo had anxiety disorder as part of hers. A series of traumatic events created more stress than she was able to process, and panic got better of her in 2009. While relentlessly searching for answers, the most common thing she was told was “you will have to take medication for the rest of your life”. Feeling numb was supposed to be as good as it was going to get. At 36, that wasn’t good enough. Calynda searched for answers in the craziest of places and managed to escape the grips of anxiety in 2012 and hasn’t had a panic attack since. 

Today, she is healthy, happy and grateful for the journey! Why? Without it, Calynda says that she wouldn’t have paid enough attention to do what she was designed to do to help others today in her practice.

Calynda came to realize that grief can cause physical pain and there is a process involved with getting though it. It took her almost two years, wondering most days if she would make it to the next day, with countless appointments totalling almost 6 figures to find a way to restore her health. Some people spend that much on an education; Calynda spent it getting her “PhD in Survival”. Settling for surviving was never an option, she wanted to thrive. That experience led her to develop emotional reflexology that will be added to the list of courses for others to learn in 2019!

Calynda has worked with hundreds of clients to help them reduce stress and has shared her passion for the modality with almost a hundred students. Teaching how reflexology encourages the body to restore its natural balance and hearing the testimonials are one of the greatest rewards to make her journey worth it.

Calynda Triffo was the recipient of the Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award with the Reflexology Association of Canada Outstanding Teacher for 2016, 2017 & 2018.

Cancer has left it’s footprint on her heart and she published her first book “Journals of a Loved One” to talk about that journey. It was written for people that are facing that hard life challenge to give them the opportunity to get a glimpse at what questions are important, what worked, what helped, what didn’t and the emotional rollercoaster that goes with the territory, so they know that they aren’t alone!

Calynda has had the opportunity to learn from Jack Canfield (Co-founder of Chicken Soup For The Soul). He even sent a shout out to on twitter to his 539,000 followers about her book on March 16th!

In 2017, Calynda became the talkshow host of the Heart Mending Mentor, the episodes are available on iHeart Radio and Tune In Radio


A Message From Calynda…

When I watch people’s emotional loads lighten before my eyes, I understand that my pain had a purpose. For that reason alone, my struggle was worth it. Those lessons were worth fighting for!

My path forced me to overcome challenges and introduced me to people that I wouldn’t have ever dreamed meeting in a million years. More importantly, that painful and terribly messy adventure made me who I am. It led me to my purpose and passion… it doesn’t get better than that!

My biggest challenge after figuring out everything I needed to regain my health was trying to explain what I do. That problem kept me quiet and in hiding for years, but a promise I had made to my late uncle on his death bed to help people has forced me to get out of my own road. If you are reading this, I’m telling you your life is amazing…. just get out of your own way!  I made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping others overcome their emotional challenges, so they get back to the life they really want to live! That is the best decision you will ever make.

Working with motivated and driven people that are experiencing their bodies trying to get their attention, but they feel weighed down by responsibility, feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, depression, shame, terror, unworthiness among other negative emotions and limited belief systems… that’s the reason I wake up in the morning.

There is nothing better than watching all that drift away. Supporting people while they do what they never thought was possible… that never gets old.  

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  • Registered Canadian Foot Reflexology Therapist 2009
  • Advanced Reflexology Workshop with Dwight Byers 2010
  • Certified Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code Practitioner 2012
  • Certified Ear Reflexology Therapist  2013
  • Certified Hand Reflexology Therapist  2013
  • RAC Practical Examiner Foot, Hand & Ear 2013
  • Reflexology & Meridian Therapy Workshop with Lillian Tibshraeny-Morten  2013
  • RAC Foot Reflexology Teacher – 2014
  • Reflexology for Chronic Foot Pain Workshop with Karen Ball - 2015
  • Dien Chan (Facial Reflexology) Workshop with Patryck Aguilar-Cassarà - 2015
  • Certified CCF Life & Executive Coach - 2015
  • Certified RAC Hand Reflexology Teacher - 2016
  • Round About Stress Workshop Dorthe Krogsgaard&Peter Lund Frandsen - 2016
  • Developer: Emotional Detox Reflexology
  • Heart Mending Mentor Talk Show Radio Show Host 2017-2018
  • Ear Reflexology Teacher – 2018
  • Licenced Canadian Reflexology Teacher Trainer with the Reflexology Association of Canada (Hand, Foot & Ear) – 2018
  • Emotional Detox Reflexology Teacher – 2018



Sask RAC Chapter Board of Directors – (2012 - 2017)

National RAC Board of Directors - (2014 - 2016)